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Current Living: Life in the Now!

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Creating The Life YOU Want

Copyright © 2005 Chris Jackson

This is an overview of the creative process that I hope will trigger your curiosity and lead you to further question your personal understanding of how you create your life. I believe it is important to state from the outset that whilst this process does follow Universal laws it also unfolds uniquely through each individual; my purpose here is to share my experience and invite you to continually question your beliefs and motives around this topic.

Who am I to offer advice? Well I am one who lives a happy, full, balanced and peaceful life with a beautiful loving family and an income quite sufficient to meet my needs. I have been consciously creating my lifestyle for 10 years and am now refining, developing and sharing my understanding of how you to can live the life of your dreams.

The bottom line in all this is that "Thought Creates", all things began initially as an idea or impulse in somebody’s mind. The truth of this is easy to recognise consciously. For instance, suppose you want to build a house. First comes the idea and desire to build a house, then that idea is nurtured and refined until the house is designed and drawn on paper. Then using the structure defined on those plans you and various trades people manifest your idea into three-dimensional physical reality as a house. I have thought this article into existence, and we are each continuously creating both consciously and sub-consciously with our minds. There are many books on this subject with an excellent first book being Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". However, I urge you to really sense inward at what feels true and applicable to you as you read this text or any books; what works for Louise may not be the precise way for you. Her books, and everyone else's books on the subject for that matter, are simply the author’s interpretation of the process, their experiences, not yours. Your task is to adapt the processes and teachings so that they fit into your life perfectly and effortlessly. It is finding your power and your truth that will really bring an element of effortlessness and confidence into the process as you become ever clearer as the creator of your life dream. What is your truth as you read this, how do you react, what is stirred within you? Look at these questions lightly, with quiet curiosity and have fun with them.

Step one is to observe your thoughts and feelings on what you are wishing to create or manifest. Are you focusing on what you want or what you do not want? Always focus on what you want and notice how uplifting that feels relative to focusing on what you do not want!

Watch the intent behind your thoughts and language carefully. For example, can you feel the subtle but profound difference in the relative creative strength and clarity of stating, "I want to pay all my bills by the due date this month" as opposed to "I don't want to be short of cash this month"? Or look back at a situation where you were faced with a whole range of choices (such as clothes shopping) but felt confused or undecided. It is only when you clarify what you want or are looking for that you are finally able to make a clear choice. Without that clarity you feel confused, frustrated, or thwarted even. You will rarely get anything you want if you only know what you do not want. You need clarity of desire, feeling and motive to create efficiently.

Is what you are wishing to create based upon a belief or feeling of fear and lack, for instance wanting a lot of money in order to feel totally secure or safe? Money can only bring security in limited areas of your life. True security comes with the presence of a feeling of faith and trust that up wells from deep within you, in really knowing that you are in the perfect place (in each and every moment) from which to create the next moment of your experience of life. As Eckhart Tolle reminds us in his book "The Power Of Now"

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."

Accessing this full peaceful awareness becomes easier with practice and an increasing clarity of intent and desire to feel it. Have you really considered though, how many awful or difficult situations you have been involved in that have not finally, in hindsight, turned out to be for the best, even if only for the wisdom you gained from the experience? Now, you are really going to struggle with manifesting your longings if you do not truly believe that you deserve to have them fulfilled. A positive belief in your deservedness is key; without it your best efforts may prove fruitless and you will find crisis and self sabotage continually thwarting you. How can you draw the perfect job, partner or lifestyle into your life if you do not really think and feel (both consciously and subconsciously) that you are deserving of that?

A key part of manifesting work is re-programming and clearing your negative beliefs, fears and judgments that block your sense that you deserve happiness or abundance. This means, in part, focusing on your strengths above your perceived weaknesses and continually recognising your successes. Truly celebrating every success however small. By doing this you lift yourself into a far more energised and positive mental and emotional state from which to create; when you feel positive your creations and experiences reflect that. Make a point of choosing to adopt a happy outlook.

Practice recognising the abundance all around you, rejoicing in the exuberance of nature, celebrate the good fortune of others, and seeing what is right, hopeful and encouraging in the world. Nurture what you want in yourself and applaud the successes of others.

The life creation process is really quite simple.

  1. Clarify what it is you are wishing to manifest.

  2. Determine why you want, feel, need and deserve this.

  3. Set quiet time aside to allow yourself the full feeling of "knowing" that this desire is now on its way to being fulfilled in your life.

  4. Do whatever personal practices you require to maintain your positive attitude and feelings of faith and optimism high.

  5. Continually note what action is required on your part to bring your creation into existence and act upon it. Right thought leads to right action; you will have to get some things done. Think - Feel - Do

Some of many examples from my life:

  • After a series of mostly fun but ultimately failed relationships I finally sat down and wrote down what it was I was seeking in my perfect partner. A couple of months later I met my wife to be and the mother of our two children on my first and only blind date about five hundred miles from where I live.
  • When I started my business some thirteen years ago I had one small project that barely paid the rent. However I simply knew the time was right and that somehow something would turn up. I then got a “chance” phone call, in the nick of time, that lead to a project that financed the full start up of my business and established me strongly in the market.
  • I have at times taken on projects where I have not had the skilled staff to complete them. People with the necessary skills have always phoned asking for a job and I now have a workforce that is almost entirely self-managing.
  • My partner and I sat down to decide on the new home we wished to live in. A few months later a property came on the market that fit the bill very closely and as it was leasehold we could afford it.
  • A couple of years ago I was faced with two huge tax bills (for more than triple my total annual earnings) following problems with un-profitable yacht projects and a dispute with the tax authorities. After discussions and negotiations these bills were very substantially reduced and although I had to sell some assets. I also had business projects become profitable and the bill was paid.

As I have worked at understanding my beliefs, my fears, and the workings of this creative process, every area of my life has quickly become richer, more peaceful and fulfilling. I am sure yours will also. •

About the Author
Chris Jackson is successful businessman as well as a highly trained therapist. He runs The Abundance Site which highlights our creative process and inspires others to risk living the life of their dreams. His site can be found at: 08/20/05

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