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What is Creativity to YOU?

By Chris Dunmire

Innovation, ingenuity, inventiveness, incubation, imagination, mind-mapping, knowledge building, problem solving...

When you ask the question, “What is creativity?” you'll find plenty of resources online devoted to answering the question. I submitted it to one search engine and had 2,980,000 results delivered back to me. The more relevant results included creativity Web sites, books, software, business seminars, courses, coaches, and consultants — many claiming authority on the subject and selling products or services to enhance the potency of your creative power.

“Creativity is the ability to create.”

Do you need to read books and look to creativity “experts” to find your answer? Well, that depends on your purpose. For example, if you're coordinating a corporate team building conference or training managers to lead problem-solving workshops then expert mentoring may be necessary. But if you're looking to paint your emotions onto canvas, or sculpt clay into colorful creations, then I think you'll find your answer... in yourself!

Despite the deeper, and sometimes more philosophical explanations you'll find for creativity, the Creativity Portal has long held to the simple understanding of the word: “Creativity is the ability to create.” And with that, the use of one's imagination, ‘thinking outside the box,’ experimenting, and ingenuity comes naturally. A process is there, but we just don't give it much thought.

Personal Creativity

When we encourage our visitors to explore and express their creativity through drawing, painting, collage, and writing, what are we trying to accomplish? Well, we are hoping that they will embrace their own definition of creativity, and use it as a vehicle to learn, grow, and share who they are with others.

The Creativity Portal is not so concerned about what creativity means in a secular setting. We are more concerned about what it means to the individual: you.

In closing, I want you to think about your own definition of creativity. Understanding what motivates you to be creative and what you can accomplish with it may inspire you in new ways.

Consider the following:

Why am I creative?

Is there more than one way to be creative?

Do I enjoy being creative?

What kind of creative things can I do?

Do I learn and grow when I'm creative?

Do I find joy in being creative?

How can I use my creativity to help others?

How can I use my creativity to help myself? •

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About the Author
Chris Dunmire is a self-proclaimed creativity enthusiast and the driving force behind the Creativity Portal Web site, where visitors are encouraged to explore and express their creativity through art, writing, and other creativity-inducing activities. 05/24/05
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