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What Is Not Working?

By Michele Batz

Okay, this week we are going to discuss What Is Not Working? Stop and think about that question. Are you holding yourself back? Are you afraid of changing your life a little? Are you happy with your life?

You have the power to start changing today. A small change that will enhance your overall health and lifestyle is always a good change. People are afraid of change. We all get comfortable in our daily routine. We are familiar with what is coming up next or so we think. So, with that said, here is what you need to consider: What Is Not Working? Are you stuck in a place that you want to leave? For example: Is your current job not challenging you enough? Is your workout routine stuck in the same rut? Is your weight staying the same, despite your efforts? Think about what you would like to change in your life, and let's pinpoint that area and focus on it for one month.

Start today with writing down what you want to accomplish and it doesn't necessary have to be health/fitness related. Why, you say? Because sometimes what is holding us back in that area of our life is a factor that is restraining us from moving forward. It could be a job that is so physically or mentally draining, that when you return home to your family or friends, your energy level is very low. This is due to the stress at work and that stress takes away your energy. In turn, you have very little to give back to your family or friends during the work week. Now, here is a little thought to consider: Are you a weekend warrior? Do you try to get all the yard work done, meet with family and friends for a gathering, then stay up late and exist on very little sleep? This results in returning to work on Monday morning, tired, crabby and with a poor attitude. No wonder you are unhappy at work. You have been setting yourself up for this whole scenario. It is time for a change and here is what you do.

Write down your priorities. What is it that will make "you" happy? Then set out a small time table to see where it fits in the day. Time is always a factor and do you want to fill up all the hours in the day with work related items? Of course, the answer is no but quite a few us "need" to get this or that done in the course of the weekend. And before you know the weekend is over and you spent a total of 60 minutes with your family. What are you going to remember in your lifetime? Is it going to be how much money you made? Or is it going to be the memories created with your loved ones? Which is a priority with you? You decide!

A great book to read that will help you out with these life decisions is Julie Morgenstern's Time Management from the Inside Out. She gives you anecdotes to help improve your time management and find the joy in life again.

I am not saying quit working, what I am saying is find a balance. Are you crabby? Are you anxious about things ALL THE TIME? Are you criticizing and picking at your loved ones? This is a sure sign to stop and slow down...list your priorities. Make a small change for one entire month and focus on that one thing that you have chosen. Make a positive change and once this is in place, your life will become more open for new adventures, a new way of looking at things and a whole new attitude.

Take the time now to jot down just three items that you would like to change in your life, then focus on just one for the next 30 days. What can you do to make that change? Take a risk, have fun and e-mail me your progress. •

© 2004 Michele Batz

About the Author
Michele Batz has an extensive 25 year career in sports education. She writes her own column for a Chicagoland newspaper and for and Her book — What's Holding You Back? A Woman's Beginning Guide to Fitness is available through 09/14/04

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