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The New Food Guide Pyramid

Food Guide PyramidBy Michele Batz

This is a new guide developed by the government in April, 2005. This guide is to promote healthy living. The old pyramid was developed 13 years ago when we didn't know as much about nutrition. For instance, in 1992, there was a lot less emphasis on whole grain foods than there is today. In order to keep up with the times, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) decided to update the pyramid. More »

Food and Nutrition Resources

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New Food Guide Pyramid (2005)
The new food guide pyramid and revised eating guidelines developed by the government and released in April, 2005

American Dietetic Association
"The nation's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. ADA serves the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

British Nutrition Foundation
"A scientific and educational charity which promotes the well being of society through the impartial interpretation and effective dissemination of evidence-based nutritional knowledge and advice.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
"A strong advocate for nutrition and health, food safety, alcohol policy, and sound science. Its award-winning newsletter, Nutrition Action Healthletter, is the largest-circulation health newsletter in North America, providing reliable information on nutrition and health."

Food and Nutrition Information Center
"FNIC's web site provides a directory to credible, accurate, and practical resources for consumers, nutrition and health professionals, educators and government personnel. Visitors can find printable format educational materials, government reports, research papers and more." Features Food Guide Pyramid, Dietary Guidelines, and Food Composition.

NutritionData Nutrition Facts & Calorie Counter
"Provides nutrition facts, calorie counts, and nutrient data for all foods and recipes. ... ND tells you, in simple terms, what's good and bad about the foods you eat, and helps you select foods that best meet your dietary needs."

Nutrition Explorations
"The fun and easy way to teach and learn nutrition." Features good nutrition articles, meal tips, and activities for educators, parents, and school food service.

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