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Current Living: Life in the Now!

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How Movies Can Inspire You to Stay True to Your Dream
By Maria Grace, Ph.D.
There is no accomplishment that has not been tested by life. Success is never a pain-free process. If you have a dream and want to see it come through, you must be ready to show faith in it, during the darkest, most difficult moments.
Who's Directing Your Life?
By Marcia Wieder
While aspects of you encourage, “Go for your dreams,” simultaneously other parts threaten, “Don’t you dare.” A cast of characters lives inside of you and at different times you may receive conflicting or contradictory messages.
4 Steps to Inspired Goal Setting
By Julie Plenty
At the beginning of the year, there's often an orgy of goal setting. People get into a collective frenzy about setting personal and professional goals.
Integrity: The Key to Getting What You Want
By Marcia Wieder
The most critical attribute for realizing our dreams is integrity. In a conversation about dreams, integrity is essential and can be summarized this way: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honor your word and agreements and you will be living with integrity, where dreams really do come true.
Inspiration by Suzanne Falter-Barnes
Author of How Much Joy Can You Stand, Suzanne inspires by sharing her experience and expertise with readers on a creative path. Articles include: How to Find Your Purpose in Life and Why We Don't Write Our Books.

Five Principals for Prosperity
By Michael Levy
Many years ago, forty to be exact, I started my own business at the tender age of nineteen. The street markets in and around Manchester England was my happy hunting ground. Every day was an adventure and despite the weather and difficulties of getting a stall on the street market, life was always fun and enjoyable.

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