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How to Find Your Purpose in Life

By Suzanne Falter-Barnes

Did you know that you have big things to accomplish in life?

And did you know that those big things are getting rather dusty while you pour yourself another cup of coffee, and decide to mull things over rather than do them?

Welcome to your Soul Purpose in life — the gift that you, and you alone, are here to give.

I contend that we were all born with a gift to give in life, one which informs all of our desires, interests, passions and curiosities. This gift is, in fact, our Soul Purpose. Yet, that Purpose is not task, or career oriented. It’s actually much bigger than that, for it’s born in our soul.

Your Soul Purpose is not about making money, gaining status, or staking out a claim to fame. Rather, it’s an act of kindness and love that you offer to other people, simply because this is what you’re here to do.

For instance, if you love nature deeply, and you love to teach elementary kids, perhaps your Soul Purpose has to do with ‘Putting children in touch with the nurturing power of nature’ or “Spreading respect for the earth.”

If you are drawn to military history, and the part that really gets you going most is what is learned from each war, perhaps your purpose is “To teach others the lessons of war”. Please note that your Soul Purpose is probably not “To write the definitive book on World War II” or “To become the most respected authority on 20th Century Europe conflicts.” Your purpose always boils down to an act of benevolence, for it springs from your soul, which is, more often than not, a kind and nurturing place.

So how do you tap into this purpose that you supposedly have … especially if you haven’t a clue at the moment what it might be?

I’ve found the most reliable method is to go within, crawling deep into your psyche to a resting place that is rich with your own personal wisdom. And the only way to get there is through meditation. Do enough of it, and eventually you can summon up just about any aspect of your spiritual or soul-oriented self. (I know — I used to meditate for a few hours every day, and found all kinds of interesting things lurking around in there!)

Should you be a self-starter, or an experienced meditator, you may simply want to sit in seated meditation and ask your psyche to take you within to the place of your Soul Purpose so you can learn more. Be sure to keep notebook at hand, and create a soothing, uninterrupted mood for this work. It takes time and patience, but it can be done. (Take a look also at my free article, Do’s and Don’ts of Meditation.) Once you begin this process of asking, be alert to clues and suggestions that pop up in day to day life. Once your focus is on your Soul Purpose, even in a sub-conscious way, life does tend to provide insights.

Should you be in a greater hurry for answers, you might wish to do my own guided meditation, Discover Your Soul Purpose. I’ve found that if I lead people through this particular process of relaxation, and visualization, awareness happens.

Mind you, again, it doesn’t always happen fast and the results aren’t always obvious or clear. One may do this meditation only to find that confusing or complex images pop up — and it may take weeks or months to make full sense of them. When I learned my own Soul Purpose in 1985, it seemed blatantly wrong… until fifteen years later, when I suddenly looked up and discovered that I was living exactly that purpose.

The quest for the Soul Purpose is one of intention and desire. If you want to find out badly enough, clarity and reconfirmation will kick in and you’ll suddenly have a great sense of knowledge about your life. You will see the bigger picture, and be able to make choices accordingly. You will no longer question odd impulses or gut instincts that lead you in uncommon directions. Instead, you’ll trust their wisdom, and you’ll be inspired. You’ll have the grace of your Soul-Spirit connection to guide you, each loving step of the way.

It’s worth it to spend some time within getting clarity on this important life road map. Then you, too, can look up one day and realize with great satisfaction that you are, indeed, living your Soul Purpose.

You can learn more about your Soul Purpose with Suzanne’s “Discover Your Soul Purpose CD” at

© 2004 By Suzanne Falter-Barnes

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