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Current Living: Life in the Now!

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Motivation Articles

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Strive or Strife?
By Nicholas Dixon
The successful among us know and use certain traits in order for them to achieve their goals. Now some persons believe that these people were born this way when in fact they had to develop their winning traits.

The Science of Success
By Gary Vurnum
An assortment of articles by Gary Vurnum, author of The Science of Success. Imagine a world where we could do exactly what we wanted to do when we wanted to.

The Power of Passion
By Fernando Soave
Improving this single attitude makes your days fly by. You wake up excited to work. You make the right decisions. You get more done in less time.

How Movies Can Inspire You to Stay True to Your Dream
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Integrity: The Key to Getting What You Want

Celebrating the Gifts of the Past Year

Find Your Purpose in Life

Go Ahead... Toss the Starfish!

Inspired Goal Setting

7 Lessons from Artists

The Power of a Decision

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