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Current Living: Life in the Now!

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Self Help and Personal Growth Articles

Connect with Your Strengths
By Linda Dessau
We can be just as afraid of our strengths as we are of our weaknesses, and just as afraid to succeed as we are to fail. Connecting with your strengths is about learning how to acknowledge your own gifts, accept compliments graciously and to present yourself confidently as the extraordinarily unique artist that you are.
Virtue and Character — Why Study?
By James Barton
It is a principle of life that the more we study a subject the greater our knowledge and control of it grows. Let us then study Character which is at the root of all the world's problems and their solutions.
How Changing Your Focus Can Finally Get You What You Want!
By Laura K. Bryant
What do you choose to focus on during the day? Your future? The present? Fear and anxiety? Do you even know?Your focus can impact your thoughts and actions. It can hinder your progress and keep you stuck or allow you to achieve amazing results.
The Power to Leave Painful Thoughts and Feelings Behind You
By Charlie Badenhop
Just as a storm in the atmosphere of the earth is born of conflicting fronts of different temperatures colliding with one another, so too must there be conflicting forces within us in order to form a mental or emotional storm. Our task is to become conscious of these unseen forces that dwell in the unenlightened parts of us.
Perfect Imperfections
By Charlie Badenhop
Have you ever caught yourself sitting around thinking that if you were "just" a bit different when it comes to this or that, you would be so much more desirable, wealthy, or good looking? Such conversations can seem so believable while actually being so destructive. What would your life be like if you appreciated your imperfections as the signature of your soul?
Life 101 for the Young and Young at Heart Book Excerpts
By Caren A. Adams
Stop blaming others for your shortcomings and failings in life.Why should you do this? What ever happened in the past is not a prediction of what will happen in the future. Take control of you, your thoughts, and your actions, so you may do something positive about your future life circumstances.

Life, The Greatest Ride of All
By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Life is the greatest roller coaster ride we will ever take. The ups and downs, the unexpected changes, the twists and turns, are all a part of living.

The Communal Sharing of Enchantment
By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Mentoring and learning from each other is much more that taking a course or explicitly giving someone advice or help. Almost every moment of every day when we are with people has the potential for becoming a mentoring or a learning situation.

Connect with Your Strengths
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Perfect Imperfections
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Life, The Greatest Ride of All
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