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Spirituality Articles

Mysticism, Dogma, and Truth
By Edwin Harkness Spina
Understanding the universal principles that underlie various religious guidelines can aid in your spiritual evolution and help you avoid getting trapped in dogma.
Developing Psychic Abilities
By Jeffry R. Palmer
We all have psychic abilities. Some of us may have more natural abilities than others, the same way that some of us seem inclined towards music or mathematics. But just like any other skill, psychic abilities can be trained and enhanced. The following tips can help to increase your natural psychic skills.
Who is directing you?
By Edwin Harkness Spina
When you need direction there are millions of books and thousands of individuals that you could consult. But as a fundamental guide as to how you should act in every situation, there is no simpler and more elegant advice than to ask for direction from the Master Within.
How to Send an E-mail to God
By Arthur Levine
A lot of us want to have more faith and get closer to God. The question is how do we do this? Maybe we should strip away our inhibitions, unlock our imaginations, and send an imaginary e-mail to God.

Mental Alchemy
By Edwin Harkness Spina
Back in the Middle Ages alchemists sought to transform base metal into gold. They searched for an elusive substance, the philosopher’s stone, which would bring about this conversion, known as alchemy. But to initiates of the ancient mystery schools, alchemy was primarily an allegory for the real work of spiritual and mental alchemy.

The Communal Sharing of Enchantment
By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Mentoring and learning from each other is much more that taking a course or explicitly giving someone advice or help. Almost every moment of every day when we are with people has the potential for becoming a mentoring or a learning situation. We talk, gesture, and involve ourselves in many ways with many people.

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Mysticism, Dogma, and Truth
Who is Directing You?
Developing Psychic Abilities
How to Send an E-mail to God
Why would you want to be enlightened?
Communal Sharing of Enchantment

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