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Current Living: Life in the Now!

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Conscious Living Articles

Not Your Ordinary Sand Castle: A Simple Act of Love
By Joyce Shafer
"Every challenge is an opportunity. If I, and others, practice peaceful solutions with smaller challenges, we may one day seek to find peaceful ways to deal with the really big ones."

Power of Beliefs: Shaping Our Reality
By Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D.
The power of our beliefs is without limits. If we wake in the morning believing that the day will bring misfortune and hardship, it most surely will. If we can believe it, we can make it so.
Creating The Life YOU Want
By Chris Jackson
This is an overview of the creative process that I hope will trigger your curiosity and lead you to further question your personal understanding of how you create your life.
Articles by Edwin Harkness Spina
By Edwin Harkness Spina
Author of the award-winning spiritual thriller Mystic Warrior discusses manifesting, conscious living, Law of Attraction, mental alchemy, and unconscious beliefs.
Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work
By Julie Plenty
There was someone I used to work with who, well aware of their tendency to look at the negative side of things, used to constantly tell themselves to "think more positively".

The Communal Sharing of Enchantment
By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Mentoring and learning from each other is much more that taking a course or explicitly giving someone advice or help. Almost every moment of every day when we are with people has the potential for becoming a mentoring or a learning situation. We talk, gesture, and involve ourselves in many ways with many people.

Life, The Greatest Ride of All
By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Life is the greatest roller coaster ride we will ever take. The ups and downs, the unexpected changes, the twists and turns, are all a part of living. The roller coaster ride of life can be miserable and uncomfortable or exciting and rewarding.

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Not Your Ordinary Sand Castle: A Simple Act of Love

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